Frequently asked questions

What are the cash prizes?

There are 50 weekly cash prizes. The top prize is £1,000, 2nd prize is £250, and 3rd prize is £100. Runners up can win 10 prizes of £10 and 37 prizes of £5.

How do I play the St Barnabas House Lottery?

It only takes a few of minutes to sign up online. First, select how many lines you want to play each week. It costs just £1 per line, and you can play up to 10 lines per week. Next, enter your details to set up your monthly Direct Debit… and that’s it!

How much does it cost to play?

It costs £1 per entry to play the weekly lottery. Your Direct Debit is monthly so if you play one line per week, for instance, you will pay £4.33 a month. If you play more than one line per week, your Direct Debit will increase to reflect this, for example, if you play two lines per week, you will pay £8.67 per month. The extra few pence reflect the difference in the number of weeks from month to month.

How many lines can I play per week for the St Barnabas House Lottery?

You can buy up to a maximum of 5 lines per week online. To buy more lines please contact our friendly team, full details are on the contact us page

Do I choose my numbers?

Our unique random number generator will take all the hassle out by choosing a random set of numbers for you.

How will I know what my numbers are?

Once we’ve processed your online entry, we’ll post a confirmation letter that contains your numbers, Direct Debit, and payment schedule.

Who can play the lottery?

Players must be 18 years old or over and a resident of England, Scotland or Wales.

When does our lottery draw happen?

The draw takes place every Friday.

How are winners selected?

All St Barnabas House Lottery players have unique numbers. Every Friday, these numbers are entered into an independent electronic system, which selects 50 different lottery lines at random. Prizes are drawn in order – first prize will be drawn first, second prize second, third prize third, and so on in this order, until all prizes have been drawn.

How can I check if I’ve won?

The winning numbers are posted on our winners page every week.

Results are also printed in Saturday’s Argus newspaper and broadcast on More Radio on Friday afternoon.

If you’re one of our lucky prize winners, you’ll receive your cheque in the post so there’s no need to claim your prize.

I’ve won a prize! Can I share my story of winning the St Barnabas House Lottery?

Yes please! We’d love to hear why you play the lottery and how you plan to spend your winnings. Please contact our friendly team, full details are on our contact us page

How does my money help St Barnabas House?

An amazing 61p out of every £1 of your lottery donations is spent directly on hospice care services.

From helping patients create special memories with their loved ones, to supporting them through some of their toughest moments, your donation means that those living with incurable illnesses never feel alone.

Can I donate my winnings?

Every penny you win is yours to spend however you like. If you would like to donate some of your winnings, you can – but it’s your choice.

I’ve joined the lottery, what happens next?

You’ll receive a confirmation email and a welcome pack in the post with your unique six-digit lottery number(s). This will include full membership details, confirmation of your Direct Debit and payment schedule.

I’ve changed my contact details / bank details / address. How do I update you?

Please contact our friendly team, full details are on our contact us page

I’ve lost my lottery number, what should I do?

Please contact our friendly team, who can reissue your lottery number(s). Full details are on our contact us page

How do I update my communications preferences?

Please contact our friendly team, full details are on our contact us page

How do I cancel my lottery membership?

We hope that you’ll continue to play our lottery but you cancel at any time by contacting your bank directly or phoning our friendly team. Full contact details are on our contact us page

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